3D crystal jewelry is all the rage now days. With more people getting into their body piercings, 3D crystal jewelry has become an ideal alternative for those who don’t want to go through the hassle and pain of getting inked. They are becoming a bit more popular on body art because they are affordable, they can be custom-made and they are very durable and will last much longer than regular types of jewelry. Plus they sparkle! Not to mention that when you wear one of these you feel really good about yourself, like you’re an artist too!

3D crystal jewelry has really come into its own with the rise of the technology of computer chip technology and personal computer graphics. Now these top of the line 3d crystals are being used as a method for custom engraved glass picture frames. These high tech engraving methods allow you to get a professional looking custom engraved crystal photo frame that is made out of only the best glass that is cut to reflect light in the exact colors of your photo so it sparkles and shines like a real photo.

3d laser etching means that there are a technology that uses high energy levels and a computer chip to control the projection of images onto a surface. When a light strikes the photo chip it causes the chip to be activated, which causes the chip to change its color from light to color. This is a digital process of changing a color of a material with light. This process is typically used for logos, text, and even in digital photography to give a beautiful effect. You can now have your photo done in style with custom 3d photo crystals engraving on a beautiful glass picture frame.

Another popular thing to engrave nowadays are keychains. A lot of people have become interested in giving their friends or loved ones cool keychains that they can wear as a symbol of a deep friendship or relationship. With the advent of the digital revolution, we have seen a rise in the production of some really awesome looking keychain bling. The availability of colored 3d laser etching means that you now have a large selection of cool looking keychain crystal jewelries that are available to be ordered from your favorite internet based engraver. From cool key chains with flashlights and flashlight clips to tiny animal key chains, you can now get all sorts of cool novelty key chain jewelries that will make any person smile whenever they see it.

Engraving has also become popular with other types of keepsakes. It used to be that photo crystals and key chains were reserved for special occasions or to commemorate an event. But these days, you can buy photo crystals to use as a way to commemorate virtually anything. Photo crystals are available in a wide variety of colors so you can choose one that suits your taste and the personality of the person you want to gift it to. Photo crystals are also easy to personalize so you can engrave phrases or even photos into it for an even cooler keepsake.

If you are looking for a more elegant option for something other than a photo crystal, there is also the option of a sterling silver photo crystal. These are perfect for giving as gifts for birthdays or anniversaries. For a less formal event, perhaps you would like to give a personalized crystal necklace, then a sterling silver photo necklace is the perfect gift for that. The necklace can be engraved with the phrase or name you wish to have engraved onto it.

These are some of the most popular kinds of keepsakes that are now available to those who love to keep things personal. When it comes to jewelry, there is no other type of crystal that can be as beautifully set as a custom crystal necklace or even a photo crystal. They are perfect for wearing with t-shirts, dresses, or even pants. Not only do they look spectacular, but they can also be quite valuable depending upon how unique and elegant you make them. You can purchase your crystal in just about any size, shape, or color that you wish so if you cannot find exactly what you want, you can have the ones you like handcrafted for you at affordable prices.

Personalized picture ornaments are also great gifts for adults. If you have someone in your family that is a photographer, a crystal photo ornament is a great way to thank them for their amazing talent. Ornaments also make wonderful graduation or wedding gifts. Just imagine the smile on the face of the graduate when they receive their crystal photo ornament during their graduation! Personalized picture ornaments are also great for those who appreciate fine art, such as architects, designers, musicians, and other artists.